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There is a good chance, that some conspiracy theorists connecting the dots: Pokemon Go, Trump & Brexit (besides of other big “news” this year). I am not one of those – I don’t believe in non-existing conspiracies.

But even if you don’t believe in a “big brother watching you”, it moves us – it is not far away from our daily lives. Let’s focus on Pokemon Go…

You might think, why does this crazy grown up guy talks about a game for teenagers? Because grown up guys are playing it (in fact, I don’t play it). Because it has a very real impact in the live of “grown ups”. For example the stock market (at the point when this article was written, Nintendo just overtook Sony on the stock markets).

So let us do some bullet points, shall we? These are the points, which Pokemon Go tells us:

  • The market mechanics are broken!
    Yes Pokemon Go is a mass phenomenon, but the basic app is free, Nintendo is also not earning 100% of the revenue and the trend might just be short-lived. Does Nintendo deserve to raise their stock market? Yes! But their games and consoles were lower than average successful, hence to rate a company just on one successful game, is insane.
  • As entrepreneur of a physical business you have to be very naïve not to invest, into the different payed participation models.
    Businesses need footfall and Pokemon Go is creating footfall, like nothing else beforehand. In these not so rosy times, the Pokemon “Lures” look laughable cheap – businesses should be really think hard before rejecting this.
  • Augmented reality is a winner, when it comes to future trends/technologies!
    Yes, Googles Ingress didn’t faired very well – but maybe because augmented reality just needed a well known “vehicle” like Pokemon to be embraced by the masses. I would be surprised, if Ingress wouldn’t also become far more successful (the company which developed Pokemon Go is Niantic, the same company which developed Ingress and the engine Pokemon is programmed on is basically Ingress).
    And further – if other good applications come out for AR, the market will further expand – obviously AR has to be developed further, which will definitely have a direct impact into the development of mobile device hardware!
  • Sometimes “we” are all wrong, when it comes to, what people really want!
    I have said it so often – that very often people don’t really know, what they want (and usually I refer to the TED video of Malcolm Gladwell). Those readers who thought, that a game about Pokemon can interest adults, please raise your hands… now please only those should keep their hands risen, who don’t lie…! Even “current world’s most progressive chef” René Redzepi tweeted, that one guest of Noma played Pokemon Go throughout his/her complete dinner…
    I am often quite in touch with trends, but even me I never seen it coming!
    This isn’t bad at all – but it teaches us, that we should watch out, by making assumptions. Your customers just might need/want/desire something completely different, than what your objective thinking or (flawed) research is telling you!
  • Pokemon Go is a battery drainer.
    This point might wonder some people even more than previous points. However how do you attract people, which are playing battery draining (and data package diminishing) mobile games? By offering them free charging and WIFI.
    While I don’t really like signs, that “Pokemon are for paying guests only” (frequently seen globally), you can easily reserve your WIFI connection and your chargers to paying guests.

As you can see, there is a nation-economical side, a psychological – society side and a very real business sides of Pokemon Go. You might not be able to tackle the first two points – but for sure, you could benefit out of the last one!