CV Dominik MJ Schachtsiek


Adroit hospitality industry expert & beverage blogger, known for extraordinary knowledge, innovations, trendsetting, with more than fifteen years experience in the luxury hospitality industry. Employed in benchmark hotels & leading the bars to exceed both the financial expectations & national wide reputation. Very comprehensive understanding of mixology, resulting exceptional training potential & decent formulating of mixology rules & recipes.


Specialty Outlet MANAGER (Bars) – OPENING

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray (Voda Bar; CClub), Dubai, UAE 2010- Today

Pre-Opening team. Responsible for set up of Voda Bar & CClub. Beverage selection for the whole hotel, cocktail selection for the hotel, beverage training for hotel F&B employees, refinement & explanation of overall concepts for Voda Bar & CClub, creation of beverage concept for both bars, created SOPs & Sequence of Service, recruitment, POS (Micros) set up, arranged outlet administration structure, outlet organizational chart, bar layout, beverage list, consultancy on beverage supplier contract, lead through tea supplier evaluation & selection, cigar list (biggest cigar bar selection in the Middle East), setting up bar non-negotiables.

Beverage Manager

Shangri-La, Dubai, UAE 2010

Responsible for maintenance of beverage cost, bar & drinks promotions, specialty restaurant beverage recipes, supplier support agreement, new products, beverage training, introduction of new generic wine list, introduction of new cutting edge ultra-lounge menu, beverage budget.

Beverage Manager (Specialized)

Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE 2008-2010

Concept of completely new bar concept [Living Rooms], set up of new restaurant bar, maintaining of beverage cost, beverage & bar training, new drinks lists, SMOD duties (senior manager on duty),  complain handling, supplier pouring agreements, managing of beverage stocks (slow moving, near expiring), supervisory of beverage staff.

Outlet Manager (Bar)

Jumeirah Emirates Towers (Vu’s Bar), Dubai, UAE 2005-2008

Created a complete new beverage concept and reviewed bar concept, including new designed beverage menu & introduction of avant-garde mixology. Selection & coordination of specialty imports & cigars. Creation & selection of remarkable signature mixed drinks. Liaised with Marketing & Communication Manager to release mixology articles about Vu’s bar in the hotel’s internal high profile magazine (E-Talks) and external magazines.
Consulted other restaurants and bars regarding to cigar & beverage promotions & awareness. Conducted beverage & cigar training; supervised day to day business & objectives, like cost control, inventories – carried out action plans for colleague opinion surveys, customer satisfaction index, internal & external quality reports (LQA).
Increased revenue of more than 60% [within 3 years] with increasing quality and guest satisfaction.

Bar Manager

Grand Hyatt Berlin (VOX Bar), Berlin, Germany 2004-2005

Reviewed consistency & quality of the bar & updated the beverage concept. Refocussed team on customer focus, hygiene awareness, drink quality & service. Refined comprehensive whisky selection. Training & coaching of employees. Carried out day to day operation inclusive inventories & consultancy of purchasing & analyzing business levels
Vox Bar won in 2005 the Glenfiddich Award for Bar Culture as the best bar in Germany. In the same year, Vox Bar also achieved to become the best hotel bar in Germany, awarded by the renowned German gourmet magazine “Feinschmecker”.

Bar Manager

Hyatt Regency Cologne (Schaelsick Bar), Cologne, Germany 2001-2004

Improved & converted bar from beer pub concept to an international cocktail bar with adequate selection of fine spirits & vast range of premium cigars. Created new menu; boosting revenue up for more than 40% (within 3 years).
Conducted day to day business inclusive inventories, mystery guest action plans, beverage cost and pour control.
Schaelsick Bar was the celebrity bar in Cologne & had frequently prominent guests.

Head Bartender / Mixologist

Nacht Residenz Discotheque, Germany 2001

Established new opened bar & created cocktail selection & menu; conducted training. Allocation of trained waiting staff & bartenders. Conducted & improved day to day business routine, inclusive of the introduction of inventories and SOPs.
Nacht Residenz was awarded from the Glenfiddich/Playboy award as best nightclub in 2001.

Head Bartender

Louisiana Düsseldorf, Germany 1999-2001

Daily inventories, preparation of garnishes, par stock control; running day to day operations, including a busy happy hour. Follow up in given franchise recipes, training, beverage control.


Checkers Discotheque, Düsseldorf, Germany 1999-2000

Celebrity beverage service, in one of the most popular VIP nightclubs of Germany (in this era). Offering premium choice of drinks, preparing of decent selection of cocktails. Recommendation of premium spirits.


Astron Hotel Düsseldorf, Germany 1998

Reinventing the bar, including of creation of beverage list, training of colleagues, maintain a hygiene “A” grade, daily requisitions, monthly inventories. Beverage production & service for guests in the lobby lounge; beverage preparation & assistance in service of enclosed fusion restaurant.

Apprentice as fully trained Hotel clerk

Hotel City Krone, Friedrichshafen, Germany 1995-1998

Vocational training in hospitality industry management. Passed all departments of the hotel, inclusive beverage service, restaurant service, breakfast service, housekeeping, requisition & purchasing, front office, night audit, laundry; sales & marketing.


Technisches Gymnasium

Leutkirch, Germany — General Qualification for University Entrance, 1995 

Leutkirch, Germany — Secondary School Leaving Examination, 1992

Basic School
Beuren / Allgäu, Germany — Primary School Leaving Examination, 1981


Cutting edge expertise in Mixology – including masterful classic drink preparation, Japanese bartending, specialty ice preparation, progressive“molecular mixology”, preparation of own infusions, essences & liqueurs, food & drink pairing, selection of bar wines.
Leading in epicurean cigar service, including offering matching cigars and various ways to cut & light a cigar.
Drink photography. Expert in mixed drinks, international spirits, liqueurs & aperitifs.
Cost calculation, preparing of business plans & standard operating procedures, creating of beverage concepts, effective viral marketing, leading of cocktail classes (internal & external).

Advanced computer skills, including applications like: Word [all versions], Excel [all versions], Power Point, Keynote [MacOs], Pages [MacOs], basic skills of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
OS: Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, MacOs9+, MacOSX [all versions].
Advanced Web 2.0 user-skills, including setting up a homepage / blog.

Strong in leading a passionated team & identifying high performing colleagues. Appraisals, motivation, disciplinaries, training, coaching & mentoring.


Christophe Mousset – Hotel Manager – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai, UAE

Felix Hartmann – Assistant F&B Manager – Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Helmut Adam – CEO & Founder, Mixology Magazine, Berlin, Germany

Jürgen Purgstaller – F&B Director – Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg, Germany

Doris Greif – General Manager – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Deepak Batra – Director of Food & Beverage – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai, UAE

Thomas Harlander – Executive Assistant Manager i/c Food & Beverage – Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Nabiel El Nakib – General Manager at the Hinds Head, Bray, UK

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