Bars won’t work without compromises. Bartending is a part of hospitality – where we deal daily with special requests of guests and challenges in all sort of areas.

Non-Negotiables should not consider exceptions – it should give a guideline, for bar operators, managers and colleagues in the operation.

There are natural non-negotiables in [adequate] restaurants: the stocks should be home made, there should not be any use of MSG, produce should be as much as possible fresh.

As the bar developed towards culinary arts, there won’t be an excuse, to use inferior produce. Non-Negotiables should be transparent for anyone – and they can be a good “excuse” to stick to the concept. Lets face it – lots of exception will become  “standard” if the staff doesn’t have rigid guidelines. And if one negotiable would be against artificial color – it is a good way, to explain to the guest, why the ordered drink cannot be done.

The limitations, which are a result out of the Non-Negotiables will accelerate the creativity of the staff – and they can emphasize on the respective [high quality] style of bar.

Bar Non-Negotiables:

  • Lemon & lime juice to be freshly squeezed and not older than 10 hours.
  • Juices should be fresh if possible. When applicable, juices should not consist any additives like water, sugar, HFCS and should not be from concentrate.
  • Classic recipes are the foundation for drinks of the beverage list.
    As long as there is an original source of the recipe, it should be prepared as authentic as possible; always having the quality in mind.
  • No recipe should exceed 5 ingredients – various bitters and essences counting as one; garnishes, mists, ice & additional plain water don’t count.
  • Only quality ingredients shall be used in the bar.
  • Wine, spirits and short cocktails always to be served with a small glass of complimentary ice water [except guests are ordering imported water].
  • Cocktails need to be shaken a minimum of 20 seconds – always prepared with the correct ingredients, measure and glasses.
  • Stirred cocktails are sitting on ice and stirred for a minimum of 20 seconds – always prepared with the correct ingredients, measures and glasses.
  • All juices, condiments, fruits and premixes shall  be checked daily at least at the beginning of each shift and at the end. Flawed or not immaculate products are not tolerable.
  • Only loose tea and quality Italian style coffee is served.

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